In addition to being an accredited, post-secondary career and technical institution, NCCTI also operates a comprehensive Financial Opportunity Center (FOC). The FOC is staffed by four employees: a Financial Coach, a Career Services Coordinator, a Retention Specialist and an Income Support Specialist.

The Career Services Coordinator helps students access employment opportunities by helping them write resumes, improve interview skills and develop connections to local employers. The Financial Coach helps job seekers create a budget and improve credit scores and connects clients to saving or credit building programs that increase financial capability. The Income Support Specialist provides supportive services for students that need transportation, childcare and a host of other supportive services that are available.

In 2021, the FOC met and/or exceeded a few key financial capability milestones for our clients:

  • 40 Job Placements
  • 48 Credit Score Increases
  • 44 People with Increased Net Income
  • 37 People with Increased Net Worth

The work completed at the NCCTI Financial Opportunity Center is funded by Greater Newark Local Initiative Service Corporation (LISC), with generous support from Wells Fargo and Capital One Bank.

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