Welcome to New Community Career & Technical Institute (NCCTI).

I’m so excited to see that you have chosen New Community Career & Technical Institute to further your education and expand your career opportunities!

The school made a commitment to the Newark area and surrounding communities in 1992 to be a leader and stakeholder and to address the educational and financial needs of the community by developing workforce programs. Today we continue to address that need, which is more prevalent than ever, to provide students with an educational opportunity to prepare them with skills for immediate employment garnered from their program of choice. We also have helped to supplement previous education and training and we are a resource for community members through informative presentations concerning financial literacy, budget practices, and wealth planning. Further, we provide educational instruction and preparation concerning obtaining high school diplomas as well as contextualized learning across varied programming.

At NCCTI we work to bring relevant and affordable programming to the community, which consist of allied health, building trades, automotive and culinary. We strive to provide an educational environment conducive to learning. We want you to please read our catalog/handbook. Contact our enrollment department to schedule tours of our facilities, and visit our website at for additional information and the offered resources. We are here to help you fulfill your educational goals and help you map out a plan for your career path.

Being under the umbrella of services provided by New Community Corporation (NCC), NCCTI is able to provide additional supportive services, which include family and individual counseling, emergency food pantry, transitional housing information, access to a credit union, financial literacy and planning, and training.

Our school is a great place to learn and a great place to stretch beyond your limits to expand your capacity and development.

Thank you again for choosing NCCTI as part of your path to success.


Dr. Sylvia McCray