New Community Career And Technical Institute Connects Graduates To Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

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May 21, 2019
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New Community Career And Technical Institute Connects Graduates To Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Students who enroll at New Community Career and Technical Institute can expect not only an education that helps them gain nationally recognized certifications, but also connections to employers in their field of choice that can lead to jobs with family supporting wages.

One strong employer partner is Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, which hires Patient Care Technician graduates. Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey Zachary Lipner said both the hospital and New Community are committed to helping Newark.

“We’re more than just a business that operates in Newark. We take care of Newark residents who are our patients and we have a very strong commitment to the community,” Lipner said. “And part of that commitment is trying to hire and develop the talent within the city of Newark.”

Lipner is part of the New Community Career and Technical Institute Employer Advisory Committee and helped construct the current Patient Care Technician program.

“As we were developing curriculum and the program for patient care technicians and nursing assistants, Newark Beth Israel and Zach in particular reviewed our curriculum, met our instructors and provided great feedback on skills and competencies needed in the field,” said New Community Career and Technical Institute Director Rodney Brutton.

That feedback has helped shape the program and gives students more experience in areas that Newark Beth Israel, and other employers, view as important.

“The real value of our partnership with Newark Beth Israel is that they create meaningful career opportunities for our PCT graduates,” Brutton said. “It’s life changing.”

One graduate who has benefited from the partnership is Sharita Moody. She finished Patient Care Technician program classes in December 2017. After going on interviews, she landed a job at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in March 2018. She started out part-time and now has a full-time job in the hospital’s oncology and renal department.

“I like my job very much,” Moody said. “My favorite part is taking care of patient needs.”

Her supervisor says she is a good employee, is capable of operating the equipment needed to do her job and works well with patients and coworkers.

“Sharita shows strong interest in her work and works well with her colleagues, building strong relationships,” said Nurse Manager Zoneisha Johnson-Boswell.

The relationship between New Community and Newark Beth Israel remains strong because the school continues to produce high quality candidates. Lipner and Brutton have a longstanding professional relationship that started when Brutton was head of the Newark Workforce Development Board and Lipner was a member.

“I’ve known Rodney for many years. I know he runs a great program. I know he wouldn’t refer anybody who wasn’t going to make a great employee here at the hospital,” Lipner said. “The relationship has prospered with the kind of training he’s doing at New Community in the health care space.”

Brutton attributes graduates’ preparedness to classroom instruction.

“The instructors, Dr. Maha Koltowski and Ms. Veronica Falae, do an excellent job ensuring our graduates have the competencies to be productive direct care workers,” he said.

Brutton said graduates have provided positive feedback about working at Newark Beth Israel.

“We see firsthand that Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is a high quality health care facility,” Brutton said. “Graduates come back and share how happy they are working there. They talk about the excellent care and support they receive from supervisors.”

Moody is one of the graduates who has provided positive feedback about Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and about her experience with New Community.

She isn’t just a graduate of New Community Career and Technical Institute. She has also been an NCC resident for more than 25 years. She received a flyer in the mail about the training programs and decided to sign up. From there, she also took advantage of the New Community Financial Opportunity Center. She has met with Financial Coach Tamara Brown on numerous occasions to discuss her credit score, budget and goals.

“We talk about savings and planning for my financial goal, which is to purchase a home in the near future,” Moody said.

Whenever Moody hears of someone interested in training or working in her field, she directs them to New Community Career and Technical Institute.

“They have so many other opportunities besides school. You can get your resume fixed and see a financial coach. It’s more than just go to school and get a job,” Moody said. “It was such a good opportunity.”

New Community Career and Technical Institute is an accredited post-secondary career and technical school that offers the following programs: Automotive Technician, Building Trades Specialist, Business and Computer Technologies, Clinical Medical Assistant, Culinary Arts Specialist, Diesel Technician and Patient Care Technician. The school is currently accepting applications for all programs. Fill out an intake form or call 973-823-6484 for more information.